About the Book

The Nerdy Birdy is a children’s picture book which tells
the story of Ned, a bright little bird who gets teased for
being different from everyone else in his class. One bully
in particular, Billy, makes life hard for Ned – trying to
bring him down whenever he can.
The message of the story (aimed at children aged 5-8) is
that we are all strong in our own ways; we each have
different talents and things that make us shine. The
Nerdy Birdy celebrates our differences, and encourages
kids to look beyond what they initially see.
Throughout my schooling, I have seen many students
and friends ‘dumb themselves down’ and pretend to be
less bright then they actually are; in order to simply fit in.
It is something that, during primary and secondary
school, a lot of young people struggle with.
I have written this book because I believe in encouraging young people to be themselves, and not to change in order to blend in with the crowd. It is my dream that this book can one day help young people who may be facing issues such as bullying.
The video below was made as part of our Pozible campaign, from which we were able to raise the funds needed to self-publish The Nerdy Birdy.


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